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Providing fencing solutions

Providing fencing solutions for both government and private businesses

Over 10 years experience working on some of the largest fencing projects all over Australia including mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, roads, railways and water infrastructure projects.

We provide fencing solutions to a variety of building professionals in both government and private business, including schools, subdivisions, road upgrades, wastewater facilities, electrical substations, local councils, local roads, infrastructure and commercial projects.


Working with our clients step by step

From design to manufacturing to installation, SecureFence can provide your establishment with the security fencing and safety barriers needed.

What we do

We manufacture and supply a full range of security fencing products. We offer complete service from design and manufacturing through to delivery and installation. We provide a full range of engineer drawings to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest standards and the relevant industry specifications.


SecureFence is committed to providing professional service and achieving the desired end product that our clients require. Our ability to work within high-pressure environments of commercial and industrial projects is reflected in the repeat business and customer relations we work hard to maintain.


Garrison Fencing, Chainmesh Fencing, Palisade Fencing, 358 Welded mesh fencing, Handrail and barriers, stock fencing, Automatic and manual sliding gates, tubular pool fencing.

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