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358 welded security mesh fencing

358 welded mesh fencing is designed for the most demanding security applications. Manufactured from 4mm wire, with 70x10mm apertures providing an anti-climb solution while also preventing penetration through the mesh barrier. 358 welded mesh fencing is commonly used for correctional facilities, seaports, airports, water treatment works, electrical substations, stabling yards gas pipelines and bridge protection. This design comes in a variety of different sizes, 2000,2400,2700 and 3000mm.

Designed to prevent unauthorised access to areas of valuable assets or high hazard, including airports, access to rail or other areas that must get no access due to safety.

  • For high levels of securty
  • Allows detection through fencing
  • Prevents easy climbing
  • Blends in with design
  • Great for video survailance
  • Anti-throw barrier

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