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Chainmesh security fencing

Chainmesh fencing is one of the most common and oldest forms of wire based security fencing in the industry due to its hardwearing and durable feature its known for providing a secure perimeter. Also known as Chainwire, Chain Link, Diamond Mesh or even Cyclone Mesh fencing. This strong and durable fencing option offers outstanding value for money and security.

Barbed wire or razor wire can be added to your chainmesh fence for that additional step to deter intruders. SecureFence pride ourselvesĀ  on ensuring a proper installation, with strong foundations we achieve maximum durability on all our projects both commercial and residential.

Used in a wide variety of applications such as sports fields, cricket nets, tennis courts, solar farms, fauna fencing, wildlife highway fencing, also for effective erosion control and rock stabilization, commercial buildings, storage cages, airports and airbases. Chainmesh fencing is one of the most commonly used products for preventing unauthorised access to your premises.

Chainmesh Fencing comes in a variety of different sizes and finishes including galvanised and powder coated. As we manufacture our gates in house, we offer you the ability to customize your space creating a wide and open but secure area. Including swinging, sliding or bi-folding gates, security is our highest priority along with achieving an aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Black chainmesh fencing
  • Sporting facility security
  • Construction site gates
  • Barbed wire security fencing
  • Press formed spear topped

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